Pastor Jesus "Chuy" Moreno

     My name is Jesus " Chuy " Moreno as an adolescent I was a rebellious and disobedient teenager. I started to hang out with the wrong crowd and getting involved in various gang activities. I started to use narcotics. marijuana and then it escalated and I became a heroin addict. As a heroin addict I lost all my dignity, became homeless, and lost my family. I didn't care about anyone all I cared about was my next fix. Heroin took over my life for 20 years. I was incarcerated for many years of my life. My oldest son at the age of 26 was gunned down 5 times, due to him following in my footsteps. God knows how I had the desire to change but Satan had me bound in chains.

     While incarcerated someone spoke to me about Jesus and how God could transform my life. I became a witness of the saving power of Jesus Christ, how he loved us and how he died in the cross for our sins. I had an encounter with Jesus Christ, he became real in my life and I surrendered myself to him. The blood of Jesus cleansed my soul and set me free from the chains of Satan. I am no longer the same person, Jesus changed my life and now I'm a new creation. Now I witness to others that there is hope in Jesus Christ. Everything that the devil had stolen from me God has blessed me with peace in my heart and the love of my family and friends.



Richard Valerio

God Bless You!

     I began drinking at the age of siteen occasionally, socially, and illegally! As the years progressed so did the amount of alcohol and sin. I was trying for many years to fill up that emptiness with alcohol, not recognizing the hole in my soul was sin- Then One Day!!

     I arrived at Ministerio en Victoria on January 6th, 2016! I began to learn that Jesus Christ was the answer! The emptiness could only be filled by Him!

     Today I am the Co-Pastor!! Giving all the Honor and Glory to Jesus Christ!! He is the way, the truth and the life!! I invite you to our Sunday English Services at 9:00 A.M. Come and join us!! Praise and worship the Lord!! Listen to the Word of God, hear our testimonies and be transformed by the Power of Christ!! 


Director of Woman's Home

Brenda Gonzalez

     A tomar alcohol a la edad de 13 anos, poco despues me uni a una pandilla, esto me llevo a empezar a consumir pastillas y todo tipo de narcoticos incluyendo cocaina. Mis padres me abandonaron a la edad de 12 anos a mi y a mis hermanos a causa de sus adicciones y alcoholismo. Parte de mi adolescencia la vivi en las calles de Ciudad, Juarez haciendo el mal a los demas creci con un vacio en mi corazon lleno de rencor odio y resentimiento contra mis padres. no podia amar a nadie por miedo a ser lastimada. Un dia mi hermano Antonio me invito a Ministerio en Victoria donde le entregue mi vida a Jesucristo. Le doy la gloria y la honra por haberme hecho libre de las drogas y el alcohol. Cristo cambio mi ccorazon y mi vida, solo Cristo puede cambiar tu vida! Ahora le sirvo al Senor Jesucristo alcazando a esas mujeres que necesitan amor, esperanza y restauracion de sus vidas.


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